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Episode Guide for Grown Ups


J Calvin Frazier loses his roommate when he goes off to Florida to live free as a gay man. J turns to his best buddy, Gordon, and his wife, Shari, for solace, and Shari suggests that J meet her old friend from camp who is looking for a roommate. It's a match and she moves in. Meanwhile, J runs into his old crush from high school and tries to make a good impression, but she isn't interested.

#101 "Shari Pie"

J is dating a wonderful girl and all is going well, until he finds out that she is a virgin. He then becomes so self-conscience that it's difficult to think of anything else when they're together. And, when she informs J that she has chosen him to be the first, he feels so much pressure to make it right that he can't perform. Meanwhile, Gordon learns that Shari wasn't a virgin when they met and he becomes obsessed with finding out about her past.

#102 "The Out of Work Work Out"

J quits his job at the box company in hopes of finding something better. Shari suggests that she, Gordon and J all attend a spa where she has free passes and it's there that J thinks he will meet the person to give him his big opportunity. He does indeed meet L Sydney Crocket, an Internet mogul, and tries to get an interview with him. But, J blows it big time and thinks all is lost. In the end, he does get to meet the mogul and he is given a job with his company.

#103 "The Comic Tragedy"

Shari discovers E-Bay and begins to sell everything in the house. Meanwhile, J comes across an old Anteater Man comic book and Shari puts it up on the auction site to see what they can get for it. They are all surprised when the bidding skyrockets to $75,000. But, the thought of getting rich quick puts a wedge between J and Gordon's friendship, and they each seek council with Marcus to try to get their hands on the potential money.

#104 "Bachelor Auction"

J is concerned that his girlfriend, Melissa, doesn't like him as much as he likes her since she never gets jealous. So, he decides to enter a charity auction in the hopes that when she sees lots of attractive women bid on him, she will exhibit some jealously. Gordon is all for this idea, since he appoints himself J's "trainer" in the hopes that J can beat Marcus, the bachelor who always brings in the most money.

#105 "J Says"

J wants to make his mark in the new century and he has the perfect opportunity when an old teacher of his, now turned journalist, interviews him for her article on Generation Y. But, J gets a big head when he sees his views in print and alienates Gordon and Shari.

#106 "Family Circus"

Melissa doesn't want J to meet her parents and J thinks it's because she's embarrassed by him. But when he finally gets an introduction, he sees that she is embarrassed by them - her mother is paranoid of every little possible germ and her father is an overbearing orthodontist. Meanwhile, Shari and Gordon try to write a children's book so that they can win the $50,000 prize in a children's literature contest.

#107 "Two Divided by J Equals Ex"

J's brother Neil comes to visit and brings with him his girlfriend; who happens to be a former sexual conquest of J's. It seems that J met her while on vacation in Mexico and the two had a hot night together before she met his brother. Now, J is trying to keep his brother in the dark about the past and Donna agrees - that is, until Neil proposes to her and she wants to come clean about what happened.

#108 "A Place in the Sun"

J, Gordon and Shari are in Las Vegas with Neil and Donna for their wedding. But, the happy couple is not all that happy since Donna told Neil about her past with J. Neil forgives Donna, but is still mad at J. When J hears from Donna that the only chapel available is a drive-by one, he gets the brilliant idea to hold the wedding in his suite. Everyone finally agrees but when Donna makes a pass at J, J is torn about telling Neil. He knows he must do the right thing, however, even if it means the wedding could be called off.

#109 "Why Can't We Not Be Friends"

Melissa returns to New York after being in Europe and J is a little reluctant to see her. In her absence, he has kind of enjoyed being single again. However, when she arrives the two immediately embark on a romantic evening and after, they both realize that the romance is gone. They break up but Melissa wants to remain friends. The new "friendship" is tested the next night at Shari and Gordon's Thanksgiving dinner with disastrous results.

#110 "Online Romance"

J meets Jody Brownlee, a former cheerleader for the Chicago Bulls, and asks her out on a date. But, when J goes to her house for dinner he is confronted by her annoying and spoiled daughter, Tiffany. It soon becomes very clear that the child runs the show and J is caught up momentarily in trying to please the brat - that is, until he sees that there is no pleasing her and he dumps the two of them. Meanwhile, Shari buys a red wig for fun and Gordon, thinking that it makes her look like Dana Scully of the "X-Files," can't keep his hands off her.

#111 "Housesitter"

After J and Melissa break up, Marcus goes in for the kill. There's no stopping him and much to J's dismay, Melissa accepts a date without hesitation. J is house-sitting at his boss' cabin and now that Melissa is out of the picture he's looking for some company. He quickly schemes that if he persuades Marcus to come along he'll be forced to break the date he has set with Melissa. But when Melissa AND Marcus show up at the cabin things are quick to heat up with jealousy. J knows that two can play at their game, so he invites beautiful Blair Owens to be his personal houseguest. When a snowstorm stops everyone dead in their tracks they must all cozy up together in the cabin. Blair may be a snob but she's not stupid, and it doesn't take her long to figure out that J is using her.

#112 "Instant Karma"

Just when J thinks the dating scene couldn't get worse…it does. His problem is that he can't muster up the strength to be honest with the women that he doesn't want to see again, essentially leading them on. Shari examines J's astrological chart and warns him that this practice is just not good karma and the tables are destined to turn on him. Suddenly J's luck takes a turn for the worse…his car gets towed, he gets locked out of his apartment, a girl he's interested in falls for Marcus (nothing new there), and then there's "something" that requires medical attention!

#113 "The Car Makes the Man"

When J's old car breaks down he decides it's time to get a new one. But not just any car -- he has his heart set on a used Mercedes Benz convertible. Even used, the car is much more expensive than he can afford. But, he buys it anyway and is soon broke, having to keep up the maintenance on the car. On his last dime, J reluctantly asks the car salesman to refund his money, but he refuses. And it is Shari, using her amateur acting talents, who dupes the guy into buying it back.

#114 "Valentine's J"

It's Valentine's Day and J has six dates to choose from. But, when they find out that he has double booked, even triple booked, the day they all cancel and leave him dateless. So, J decides to have a blind date with a phone operator he had a connection with; and, when she arrives he sees that she is not his type - she is very overweight. But, as the evening progresses, J finds that he likes Kim and so is very surprised when she doesn't want to go out with him again. Meanwhile, Gordon buys a sex book to help guide him through a romantic Valentine's Day evening with Shari.

#115 "Action"

J, Gordon and Shari try to go out to dinner at their favorite restaurant, The Mug, only to discover that a movie crew has shut down the place for the night. When they learn Cameron Russell is the lead actor, they're more than willing to be his supporting cast, but or course settle for being extras on the film. J becomes friendly with Cameron, begins to act like a star. Leaving his friends in the dust, J quickly discovers how fleeting fame can be when he is fired from the movie for mistakes that the incompetent star, Cameron Russell, makes. Realizing that Cameron was never really his friend, his loyalties return to Gordon and Shari.

#116 "New Job"

J is offered a job working for a fabulous young computer games company and the deal is set with a hug by Logan Thomas, the owner. But, when he shows up for his first day on the job, he is stopped by Rodney Carruthers, the CEO, human resources director, and marketing manager all rolled into one. Rodney has no record of J being hired and Logan is out of the country and can't be reached. J turns to his friend, Gordon, for advice and since Gordon is anxious to try his first case, he suggests they sue the company. They do and Gordon proves to be less, far less, than competent. In the end, J gets the job, he and Logan form an instant friendship and Rodney is left scheming how he can plan J's demise.

#117 "Sons and Lovers"

J meets an attractive older woman in the elevator at work and they instantly fall for each other. The two begin to date and J is smitten. But, when J finds out that his "Mrs. Robinson" is the mother of his boss, things turn ugly - they turn even uglier when his boss finds out about it. Logan doesn't fire him but instead assigns J to every horrible, menial task in the company - to Rodney's delight. The only way that J can get his old job title back is if he will stop dating Logan's mommy.

#118 "J's Pet Peeve"

Everyone is coming down on J for behaving irresponsibly. Then, Mellisa, J's ex-girlfriend unexpectedly shows up and asks J to take care of Malcolm, the dog they bought together when they were dating, he reluctantly agrees. But, he soon realizes that a dog is a big responsibility and he is up to the challenge - in fact, he falls in love with the pooch and doesn't want to give him back when Melissa comes to call again. Meanwhile, Shari and Gordon by a home pregnancy test when they discover that she is "late."

#119 "Out of Sync"

While watching TV one night J, Gordon and Shari are struck by how similar all the popular boy bands are. They decide that they could just as easily put together a band and have it be successful. So, they hold auditions, cast a group of non-singers/dancers, and proceed to turn them into the hottest new male group going.

#120 "Match Breaker J"

When Gordon would rather go to a basketball game with J then attend an anniversary dinner with Shari and her parents, he lies to her about having to work late. When she catches him, they have a huge fight and she moves out and into J's apartment. Meanwhile, the office has a new intern, Alex, and Logan has a crush on her. She has a crush on J, though, and when he arranges a romantic evening in an attempt to get Shari and Gordon back together, Alex thinks it's for her and J, and as a result, misunderstandings erupt.

#121 "Nerds of a Feather Gawk Together"

J realizes that if he ever wants to get out of work at a decent hour he needs to teach the nerds he works with that they can have a life outside the office. So, he offers to teach them all how to pick up women - a feat easier said than done: every woman thinks that Logan is a loser pretending to be rich and successful; Cornelius' idea of a suit is a Star Trek uniform; and Rodney is totally ill at ease in a social setting. To make matters worse, J runs into Melissa at the bar attending a bachlorette party that he thinks is hers. He is so distressed that she may be marrying someone else that he finally admits his true feelings for her.


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